Future Endeavors

What I love about World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is that when they come to the terms of a release of a talent, they almost always use the words, “WWE wishes ___ the best in all future endeavors.”

You see, I’ve been a wrestling fan since I was about 5 or 6 years old. I remember the first event I watched was Wrestlemania 6 when the Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan battled each other in an epic encounter. If you’ve watched wrestling as long as I have, then you’ll probably remember the times when you’d watch the annual pay-per-view via a fuzzy screen (what my friend David and I called “ScrambleVision”).

I’ve always enjoyed the storylines – good versus evil, David versus Goliath, someone rising above insurmountable odds.

And I’ve learned a lot about presentation, communication, and telling a story from watching WWE.

But, like my feelings towards this TV show last year, I’ve finally let my dissatisfaction with the product get to me. I spend so much time reading articles from LOP (great news site, btw), and my thought is, “For what? A consistently subpar product?”

Recently, I tweeted: “Thanks for the ride WWE.” And I got several responses from friends and family wondering what was going on.

Don’t get me wrong – I most likely will return to watching wrestling again, but for now, I need a break. My fascination with their entertainment needs to be stirred up again.

In the words of Audio Adrenaline, “Reclaim your innocence… start over.”

So, unlike my break from watching wrestling back in 2000, this one isn’t for spiritual reasons; it’s purely for me wanting to get excited for it again.

With some sadness, and with some excitement, I say, “James Reardon wishes WWE the best in all future endeavors.” Will I watch again? Never say never…


3 thoughts on “Future Endeavors

  1. In order for something to keep us interested and moving in the right direction in our lives, we must be excited about that something. Without that excitement we are wasting time that we could be using for something of value.

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