Should I Quit Listening To That Mixtape?

For some Christians, boycotting music seems like the “thing” to do, y’know, that one thing that says, “That’ll show ’em.” But does it? And who’s really missing out when we quit something that certainly adds beauty and hope? Let’s look at the question, “Should I quit listening to that mixtape?”

Confession: I sometimes get fixated on a particular subject. Once that happens, I compile research like it’s going out of style. Case in point: whenever my daughter would fall in love with a new show on Nick Jr. (I love that channel), I’d immediately go to Wikipedia. My goal? To find out all I could about that show.

And I still do that today. I’ve always done that. In fact, whenever I’m thinking of booking a band, I start with hours of research.

Speaking of bands, I was listening to Tree63 the other day, and it got me to thinking, “Where’d they go?” They won a Dove award for their first album. They’ve toured extensively. I’ve even gotten to interview the band as well as setup for them (on two separate occasions). So, what ever happened to the band famous for the line “My heart is where my treasure lies” and “Look what You’ve done for me? Your blood has set me free”?

I did some looking. And what I found, as a Believer, I didn’t really like – they went their separate ways, and the lead singer is doing political music.

That got me to thinking: there are a few bands out there (that I’ve listened to) that, well, have some black marks on them.

For example, not too long ago, a well-known singer addressed his homosexuality. The week following, in my seminary class, there was confusion: “I loved his song; now what do I do?” For most, we kept on listening. But for some, they saw the situation as a black mark on his music. They chose to never listen to, play, or sing his music again.

Metaphorically, they tore his music to shreds.

Or, sometimes Christian musicians have affairs, and someone asks, “I loved his/her song,” or, “Their album changed my life; now what do I do?”

And metaphorically, some tear the music to shreds. I’ll admit; erroneously, I did that once. Some time ago, one singer that I enjoyed had a divorce, and I became disheartened and said “No” to her music.

You could almost say that, when we refuse to listen to their music, that we’re making our own “blacklists.”

Here’s the problem: music adds beauty to life. Music connects. Why else do people consume over 7 hours of music a day?

As believers, “Shouldn’t we forgive?”

So, what music should you give another try?


One thought on “Should I Quit Listening To That Mixtape?

  1. When the song “Healer” by Hillsong (written by Mike Guglielmucci) came out, I fell in love with it. I had heard Mike’s story, like many others, and thought, “Wow, God! You did an incredible thing with that man and what a song to come from it!” Only…it was a farce. Mike Guglielmucci made up his story of getting a rare form of cancer and getting miraculously healed from it to hide his addiction to porn. Suddenly this very biblical, powerful song that had such moving lyrics was stained for me. I wanted to bring it into our worship team because the lyrics were true but its motivation was a lie. Until last week at our creative leaders meeting, we found out we are going to have a healing series in July and someone suggested that song. We decided that the power of God is greater than the sin of a broken man, so we’re going to introduce it on mission trip this year and then use it throughout the healing series.

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