Thinking About Other Things During Church

Confession: sometimes I think about other things during church service. I know, I know, none of you ever do that, but I do. I found myself thinking about someone I made cry after Sunday School. And that got me to thinking about a new post. Which got me to thinking about many new posts. Which got me thinking about this:

You see, when I was in my undergrad, that picture consumed me. I must’ve played that game for hours and hours. In fact, my obsession with playing that game spilled over into other areas of my life:

  • My roommate: My roommate saw my obsession, and then he took up that obsession too! Many nights were spent with both of us in front of my computer, taking turns playing a silly war game.
  • My grades: For some reason, the more I played that game, the more I thought about it during class. I would vividly see soldiers and vehicles in my mind’s eye. I would even concoct war strategies in my head while my professors were trying to teach us Greek or the Ancient Near East.

And that was my problem: I spent too much time playing a silly game. Eventually, I allowed that silly game to consume my thoughts (and, consequently, my grades).

So, that brings me to church last week: as I thought about the person crying, all I could think of was “How could I write a post about that?” And then my brain started thinking about all these other ideas I had that would be great for blogging.

Do you ever think about other things during church? Or, is something or someone consuming so much of your time, that when you’re away from them, that’s all you think about? And at the heart of it all: can fascination cripple productivity?


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