Born This Way

I’ve heard the song. I’ve read the lyrics. And I’ve seen a “Glee” special about it. But let me assure you, we have some incorrect thoughts about the way we are born.

Wrong thoughts about how we’re born:

Oh wait, that second one is somewhat right. But instead of being “genetically predisposed” to a morally corrupt lifestyle, we are “spiritually predisposed” to a morally corrupt lifestyle.

A long time ago, God created Man. They were in perfect friendship/community with one another. God walked and talked with Man. But, then Man sinned. The first humans broke the trust and relationship they had with the One who created them.

A perfect, holy, just, set apart God cannot be around anything that is not perfect, holy, just, and set apart. And so God cast humans from the Garden, from the very presence of God. From the presence of perfection.

This becomes a big deal when we think about this both logically and spiritually:

The perfect mold became broken, and so everything passing through it is broken and in need of rescue and repair as well.

That’s the way we were born: depraved.

You’re not “on the right track, baby.”

David Platt writes,

  • We have rejected God’s Word.
  • We have spurned God’s authority.
  • We have denied God’s character.
  • Our minds are blinded.
  • Our emotions are disordered.
  • Our bodies are defiled.
  • Our wills are distorted.
  • Our relationships are broken.
  • We are slaves to sin.
  • And we are perishing.

That is not the right track.

We are sinfully sick.

We are spiritually dead.

We are destined for hell.

(David Platt, Crucifixion, Salvation, and the Glory of God, Nashville: Lifeway, 2011. Pages 28-33).


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