On ‘Why I Need To Get Back To Writing on Napkins’

I’ve heard it said that “Leaders are learners.” As a result, it’s imperative that we retain what we learn. That what we’re learning can really “stick” to the wall. And that brings me to my dilemma (and maybe yours too): I need to get back to writing on napkins.

I’m not sure about where you are in your journey of life, but years ago, I began writing on napkins. I found that as I studied, I would run out of paper.

Or, I’d discover an idea or a principle, and there was nothing to write it down on. Nothing. And then, just as soon as it had come to me, I forgot it.

Some people have advocated the usage of notebooks, journals, Evernote, or other document-capturing apps and programs.

But it’s just not the same.

Part of me thinks that the art of learning has become commercialized to the point that we need things to help us organize our thoughts better. And while that may be true to an extent, most of what people tell me that I need seems to make my learning and studying feel almost lifeless.

When I first started studying and writing, I feverishly and with reckless abandon would write. Everything. I’d be on my lunch break, studying, and jotting down whatever I could on whatever I could find. Which would normally be napkins. Or cups. Or paper. Or backs of receipts. Or my hands. Or a quick email reminder. Or a Word document.

The point wasn’t, and still isn’t, “what” I’m really writing on.

The point was, and is, the passion behind the writing.

So, I guess I’m saying that it’s not really “napkins” that I need to rediscover. I think I’m saying that I need to rediscover that insatiable desire to study and to write. To learn. And to have that desire so bad that I’m scrounging around for whatever’s handy so that I can record what I’m learning.

And maybe you’re like that. Maybe there’s something that you were so passionate about years ago that you ran rampant with it.

Maybe a hobby. Maybe a relationship. Maybe a yearning for writing. Or photography. Or conversation. Or music. Or a sport.

And for some reason, along the way, you lost that desire. That spontaneous need to “write on napkins.”

What passion do you need to reignite? What desire do you wish you had back? And what do you miss most about it?


2 thoughts on “On ‘Why I Need To Get Back To Writing on Napkins’

  1. I’ve heard it said that as we age our priorities change. Our lives get so full of things that require our attention. And soon we get lost in a constant state of doing. For me that turned into a feeling of having lost myself. I didn’t recognize the man in the mirror any more. I had lost my passion for living. That’s what I miss; the passion for living, growing, learning. I want it back.

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