Why This Was the Best Season of “American Idol”… EVER

Controversial post. I get it. The title alone is controversial. And many of you are thinking:

  1. You must have wanted Scotty to win (it’s no secret: I wanted Pia, Casey, or Lauren to win)
  2. You must like country music (no, I prefer 90s modern rock as well as pop rock)

So, now that that’s out of the way, let me tell you why this was the best season of “American Idol”, ever.
It had nothing to do with the judges, although Steven Tyler and J’Lo delivered in ways that Paula and Kara could only dream of.

It didn’t have that much to do with the top 13, although they were decent.

This season was great for one reason: less is more.

It’s a principle most people understand, that if you want to produce something of quality, focus on what you do best and eliminate the rest. Sculptors do that. They see something beautiful inside the clay or marble and cut away the rest. Great bloggers do that: they eliminate what would alienate their target audience.

And the producers of Idol finally did that. They focused on “What works best?” and delivered.

More story-telling. More professionalism.

In ear monitors. Better scripts. An actual music producer/record label owner (just look at his credintials on his Wikipedia page).

For once, Idol wasn’t putting the success of the show on the shoulders of the judges nor the shoulders of the voters.

Idol’s producers focused on presenting a great, professional product.

And it worked for them.

Sure, I hated the outcome. Unlike Tom Hanks, I didn’t vote at all. But that doesn’t change the fact that the producers finally got it right. I even cared about the results shows.

So that brings me to some questions: how would you rate this season of American Idol? Good, better, or the same as the rest? If you were a producer for the show, what would you do differently?


6 thoughts on “Why This Was the Best Season of “American Idol”… EVER

  1. I would take cell phones away from the 12 and under little girls so they couldn’t text and vote…… 😉

  2. I don’t watch American Idol, but in just about anything less is more. Keep it simple in everything you do and it will relieve stress and keep everything in line, no matter what it is.

    • I totally agree! Raising me, you and dad could attest to the times I made things “challenging” were the times I went for complicated instead of simple. I think it’s a “man thing” haha. Why shoot for 3 easy steps when you could make it in 8 steps?

  3. I’m with MommaMia. The voting has got to be tweaked somehow…then again, that’s what makes it American Idol. Which is why I say I’m done with it…the show, to me, is not about producing a quality artist at all. Its about having a good tv show. The “stories” don’t matter in terms of vocal ability. They are solely for good tv. I think that’s why I like The Voice so much. They use the stories but the purpose of it is to produce an excellent musical talent. At least, that is the purpose in season one…who knows what will happen.

    • I agree that it’s not about producing a quality artist. They do very little, if anything, to shape/grow the artist vocally. (if they do, they never show it) All I see them do is help give each individual more experience onstage, but even that isn’t enough. Just look at Taylor Hicks

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