Meanderings From My Memorial Day (and what that means for you)

Usually, Memorial Day is a day when Americans remember those who gave their lives in military service for our freedom.

Without that sacrifice, we wouldn’t be free. To do anything. To have Google. Or creativity. Or religious expression.

Remember that.

But, this particular Memorial Day helped me to remember a few more life principles that may help you as well.


1) Family is important.
I must have eaten hamburgers and hot dogs every day for the last few days. Each time, though, it was with family.

Whether swimming with my in-laws or playing kickball with my parents or watching Sergeant York with my faith family, good conversations were had. Connection was made.

Any opportunity you get to spend with your family, take advantage of it. I guard my time like a hawk, and if you want a fuller life, you will want to as well.

Family helps you recharge.

2) Chocolate milk helps you feel like a kid again.
I’m lactose intolerant (basically), so I don’t get to do the “milk” thing. But we had a coupon for almond milk, so we bought some.

And for probably the first time ever, my daughter and I grabbed the chocolate syrup, our respective milks, two cups and a spoon, and acted like kids.

Ok, she actually is a kid, but we got to enjoy a childhood pastime together.

Which reminds me: holidays allow you the opportunity to unwind. So do it.

Go to the beach. Grill out. Fly a kite. Play board games. Throw water balloons.

Just don’t act like an adult. Act like a kid.

Reclaim your innocence. Breathe again.

3) Coupons make you feel rich.
Seriously, they do. We saved about a third of our total bill today. We even got a box of band-aids as well as a gallon of milk for free.

Coupons are like a hidden treasure. You’ve got to have the eyes to find them, but you’ve got to have the patience to know where to use them to your advantage.

Treasure is like that.

Indiana Jones probably didn’t just look for treasure in museums. He looked far and wide, and then, he invested all he had in finding them. He then took great measure in protecting it.

What treasure do you have in your life? Is it worth everything you have?

Memorial Day reminds me of that.

What does Memorial Day remind you of? What do you to to reclaim your innocence? How do you invest in “family”?


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