Ezekiel’s Wife

Super Summer. Day One. Good stuff.

You want to see what 1100 people crammed into a sanctuary anxiously awaiting the opportunity to worship the Sovereign God looks like?

a view from our seats, 1100 strong

Greg Pinkner spoke tonight, challenging us with a story from Ezekiel about Ezekiel’s wife.

But the story doesn’t start there; it starts with God. And Ezekiel.

God tells Ezekiel to go to Jerusalem, get into the middle of the busiest intersection, build a miniature city, and turn his back on the middle building, laying there one day for every year Israel had sinned against the Sovereign God (Ezekiel ends up laying on one side for over 300days!).

Then God tells Ezekiel to roll over onto his other side, now facing that middle building, for 40 days (representing repentance).

Then, God leads Ezekiel to the Valley of Dry Bones. God tells Ezekiel to preach to the skeletons. Amazingly, in a way that only Sovereign God can, the bones reanimate, with flesh and organs taking over the bones.

The point?

“God tells Ezekiel…”

And he does it. The point is that Ezekiel is the guy who does what God says.

So, over in 24:15-24, God wants to teach Israel, and he chooses to use an object lesson. To show Israel what will happen on a large scale, God chooses a small scale to reveal his truths.

The truth: that God is Sovereign.

So he tells Ezekiel, “I’m going to kill your wife. And don’t mourn. And when people ask why or what happened, it’s to know that I am Sovereign God.”

Pinkner dreams with us for a moment, asking us to imagine what Ezekiel’s wife must have thought after death: “My death taught all Israel about God.”

Question: are you worshiping that God?

Are you worshiping a God whose story is so huge and so grandiose that anything and everything points to his power and his great name? Are you worshiping a God who uses stories – like yours, and mine, and your parents, and your loved ones – to point to a bigger reality? Not that God always makes tragic things happen, but isn’t it interesting that through tragedy we can see our Great God?


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