iFollow, MS Super Summer Day 2

Quick thoughts:

Quiet time today challenged us with “What are some goals you want to set for this week?” Mine? I want to inspire others to greatness. I want to encourage others in their journey with Christ.

Casey Deaton said, “What you look at takes your mind where it goes.” So guard your eyes.

Plainly put, “Your dress tells your story” (insert Gaga joke here).

Dave Hunt challenged us through music tonight, and he led us in one of my favorite hymns, “Come Thou Fount.” He explained what an “Ebenezer” is, and said, “I’m confident this week is going to be an Ebenezer for a lot of you.” Tonight certainly was that. Wow. Hearing 500+ young women singing verse 1 of “Come Thou Fount” was absolutely amazing. It was a precious moment indeed.

And then Greg Pinkner explained “propitiation.” And here’s how we responded:

“No one makes it out of the Sermon on the Mount thinking they’re going to heaven.” Pinkner

Afterwards, we went to the CafĂ©. Wanting to entertain ourselves, we decided to play “Ninja.” Sitting down.

We had a lot of laughs. A lot. And Jason Duran and Ken Hall got into some discussion about why Jason Duran can’t seem to get retweeted.

Rumor has it that Jason’s going on a food strike until he gets retweeted by @mssupersummer. Not sure how true that is, but if so, then more food for us.

Oh, and our group of executive staff had a burping contest. Which we also think drove away other, more mature execs.


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