Thoughts on Super Summer: Red School is going banshee.

Now, I normally don’t do a folklore thing, nor do I usually borrow from mythology given my Christian roots. But, seeing the title “banshee,” one must wonder what that has to do with Super Summer.

  1. Super Summer has a fast and furious a screamingly fast schedule. I just feel like I’ve halfway recovered (re: rest) (LINK)
  2. Red School students “possess a powerful cry,” akin to a “sonic scream.”
  3. Our Team Leaders brought it. We needed the most energetic, yet also spiritually attentive Team Leaders, and they delivered. Team Leaders are what make or break a year, and our Red School was fortunate to have some amazing Team Leaders.

Though they seemed to have let out a “sonic scream” that was heard all through Super Summer, the real test of our first year students (Red School) will be how they are heard now…

…now that they are home,

…now that they are back on their individual mission fields,

…now that they are back where the temptation to be silent seems to run rampant.

Red School, let’s roll out, and carry the Name of Christ.

Let’s let our powerful cry pierce the skies.


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