Peter Pan Turns 30

If you’ve checked out Wikipedia, you know that Peter Pan doesn’t turn 30 today. Instead, I do. Happy birthday to me.

I’ve always had the Peter Pan approach, that I’m never going to grow up. Why have I been so afraid of “growing up?”

Maybe because I viewed “grown ups” as the ones without creativity. Without fun. Without excitement. For awhile, Bryan Adams’ song, “18 Til I Die” became my anthem. Every time a birthday would come around, I’d secretly play that song in my head as people sang “Happy Birthday” to me.

But I’ve discovered something: growing up may not be what’s in the cards for me, but growing old is. I love having a childlike wonder, a creative and imaginative personality, and I don’t want to lose that. Much like other “grown up big kids” like myself, I’ve found that growing old and mature is okay. That’s actually what’s needed. Adapting and growing and changing to the new circumstances that you’re in is alright. For me, growing up will never be an option, but growing old will.

Which brings me to someone else that I share my birthday with this month:

Yep. They turned 30 this month. And Kurt Loder had a great interview about MTV growing old. He says, “Like it or not, MTV has evolved. Has there ever been any alternative? In the pop-culture business, the minute you decide to stop changing, you’re already out of date.”

As much as I don’t like certain aspects of MTV, they have stayed up-to-date. They’re current. They’re still cutting edge (although I don’t like the moral edge they’re cutting). They’ve changed. They’ve adapted. They’ve grown.

MTV hasn’t (and hopefully never will) grow up, but they’re growing old.

So, happy birthday MTV. Happy birthday Peter Pan. Happy birthday to me.

What are your thoughts on “growing up” versus “growing old?”

Btw, here’s the video of MTV’s first hour of broadcast. Your welcome.


4 thoughts on “Peter Pan Turns 30

  1. You will never grow up. You will always be my youngest son. You will always be the one with new ideas to keep us all on our toes and ever wondering what is going on.

  2. Thanks for the blog James! Happy birthday! You are right, growing up is optional, growing old isn’t. And oh, wah oh…. How this video made me feel a bit older today! šŸ™‚ I watched this very first video on MTV 30 years ago! What a memory! I have taken several trips down memory lane the past couple of weeks and it is so weird to think of how much I have experienced in my 43 years. While I don’t feel 43 in my mind…. reality has set in. Your mental music was 18 til I die…. All I can think of is the Boss singing Glory Days! While I am thankful for the years behind my age and enjoy the yester-years, I am so grateful that God has given me today! No regrets! No worrying about “if only” (Mary will get that one), and blessed by every moment! Enjoy your day and thank you for always being creatively, childlike, wonderfully you!

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