The Best Gospel Presentation and How You Can Have It Too

In all my years of hearing preachers and speakers present the Gospel, I can tell you, hands down, who has said it best:

Brock Gill.


Don’t get me wrong,there have been more eloquent or more theological presentations, but he opens it up to where the hearers clearly understand it.

I’ve had the privilege of working and seeing Brock several times, and his performance is flawless.

Even cooler than that, he loves hanging out with people. Our students got to see him at BigStuf this last summer. As he was putting up his gear, a few of our students spotted him. All they wanted to say was a quick “hi” because they knew he was busy. But Brock isn’t like most big named folks…

…he stopped what he was doing, put his stuff down, and engaged in conversation with my students.


Wanna meet Brock? Wanna check out what I consider the best Gospel presentation ever?

Come to First Baptist Church Bay St. Louis this Sunday, August 28th, at 6pm.

You’ll enjoy it.


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