Jumping The Wrong Hurdles

A student pointed this video out to me recently:

Essentially, the horse was jumping the wrong hurdle.

And I think we sometimes jump the wrong hurdles too.

You know the ones that I’m talking about: the hurdles that appear right in front of us and we feel like we have to jump over them because of their urgency, and so we put extra pressure on ourselves.

Yet, after we jump them (IF we jump them), another hurdle still lingers off in the distance.

Maybe you and I are jumping the wrong hurdles. Maybe what we think is urgent isn’t really important.

What hurdles have you been jumping lately? Can you relate?


2 thoughts on “Jumping The Wrong Hurdles

  1. It’s a matter of priorities for me. Is this something GOD wants me to overcome or something that the world says is going to raise my level of importance? Discernment is the key. If it’s of GOD He will give me the strength to overcome. If not, walk around it.

    • Agreed. I like that, “If not, walk around it.” Too many times it seemingly becomes easier jump over it, but in reality, that may be the very hurdle we need to just walk around.

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