Let Your Face Do The Talking

The other day, a guy from the Mississippi State Department on behalf of the US government asked if he could interview me. The series of interviews are designed to help answer the rest of the world’s burning questions about how Americans see life.

I wanted to do a good job on the video interview. I love communicating and speaking publicly, but there was a problem:

I didn’t know how to be interviewed.

Sure, Bill (the interviewer) was going to ask me questions, but what do I do? Look into the camera? Look past the camera to him? And what in the world do I do with my hands?

Bill simply said, “Keep your hands near your pockets. Most people talk with their hands and are more expressive with gestures. We want your face to do the talking, and it’s been proven that if you control your hands, then your face will be more expressive and tell a better story. Just let your face do the talking.”

If your face were doing the talking right now, what would it be saying?

Do you have a happy face?
Sad? Gloomy? Tired? Bored? Disinterested? Confused?

Next time you start talking to someone in person, think about the face you’re making, because, as the WWE would say, “The world is watching.”


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