The Smarter Way #1: Stopped At A Red Light

The smarter way.

There is almost always a smarter way to do something. For example,

When you’re stopped at a red light, and you’re the third or fourth car in line, and then the light turns green, the thought that’s running through your mind is, “If these people drive like grandma, then I’m not gonna make this green light.”

And sure enough, the first car goes, and then the seconds goes, but then the light turns yellow, and then the driver of the third car realizes what’s going on, so he goes, and then BOOM, you get the red light.

The big cosmic joke is on you.

But there’s a smarter way.

What if everyone was paying attention, and as soon as the light turned green, everyone let up off the brake and applied just a little gas? That way, everyone started moving at once. And more cars would make it through the intersection before the light turned red again.

There’s a leadership principle in there somewhere, but we’ll just go with the fact that, there’s a smarter way.

What do you think? Hate getting caught at the red because someone wasn’t paying attention?


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