5 Sure Fire Signs That Fall Is Around The Corner

So, what are some sure fire signs that fall is on it’s way?


1. Love bugs.
I spotted two the other day. Yep, they were “in love.” A sure fire sign that Fall is around the corner is the onslaught of love bugs. For some reason, they seem to like cooler weather, and so they only appear in South Mississippi in the Spring and right before Fall hits.

2. The Social “Fall”.
What is the “social fall?” It’s the time of year when everyone and their momma posts on Twitter and Facebook that Fall has arrived. Call me Captain Obvious, but if everyone else notices it, then it’s a sure fire sign that Fall is around the corner.

3. The Itch To Decorate… For Christmas.
Don’t look at your screen with the face of confusion. You know the thought crossed your mind, “Wow, it’s just about time to bust out those Christmas decorations.” You probably even took your thought to social media, too, didn’t ya?
It’s ok. Just another sure fire sign.

4. Fall In A Cup.
My wife bought one the day it came back. So did some of my friends. You should get one too. It’s called the Pumpkin Spice Latte, and Starbucks rolls it out once a year — when Fall is just around the corner.
It pretty much smells like a Kirklands store, and according to my wife, it tastes like you’re drinking pumpkin pie.
Also known as “Fall in a cup.”

5. Network Preview Shows.
A sure fire sign that Fall is around the corner? Networks start advertising all their new shows. I love this time of year. Why? Because I love TV.
Oh, and I’ve already set my DVR to record 3 of the 4 preview shows. NBC, where ya at?

No, Walmart didn’t make my list because they drag out their Christmas decor in July (or so it seems). Too early.

What would you add to the list?
What are your sure fire signs that Fall is around the corner?


2 thoughts on “5 Sure Fire Signs That Fall Is Around The Corner

  1. I already have my Christmas tree up. OK _ I never took it down from last Christmas. Other signs of fall are beautiful crisp nights where the moon and stars seem extra bright like last night. And I think of going home to Tennessee to see the changing of the leaves. (MS doesn’t have that). Happy Fall

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