The Smarter Way #2: The BackUp Plan

The smarter way.

There is almost always a smarter way to do something. For example,

Canned food, or an elaborate communication system?

Always have a backup plan.

Having a good backup plan makes you look like a champ. Having a bad backup plan makes you look like a chump.

Case in point: Hurricane Katrina was bearing down on South Mississippi. I had the genius plan to stay at my friend’s house inland a little instead of being alone further south. The night before, he and I went to Walmart to prepare for the storm. Our backup plan included:

  • Frozen waffles.
  • Frozen French fries.
  • A bag of chips.
  • A can of pasta.
  • And a can of green beans.

My friend’s thinking was, “I’m not going to lose power, so why buy regular hurricane supplies? Let’s just play video games all night.”

So we did. We played video games all night. Until about 2am. When the power went out. And then? We watched “Batman the Animated Series” on his laptop, because we believed power would come back on in the morning.

That was our backup plan. It didn’t work. We didn’t have power for two weeks. And believe me, a can of green beans doesn’t stretch too far.

I’ve learned something about backup plans since then: have one.

Don’t dwell on the “what if’s” too much, but it is wise to consider the other possibilities and be prepared.

What are your bad backup plan horror stories? Or, do you have any good ones?


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