We Will Never Forget

Just another normal day, back in 2001.  It started off, for me, like most — waking up, turning the TV on, getting on the computer to AOL chat some friends, eating some breakfast.

And then my friend, on the other end of the computer, asked, “Did you just see what happened in New York?”

That may have been the question that most of us heard that day, ten years ago.  Back then, neither Facebook nor Twitter were around.  The world wasn’t as globally connected back then.  You didn’t get instantaneous messages in 140-characters or less on what was happening in the world at that moment.

You couldn’t hide behind typed words on a screen or on a page.

If you wanted news, you had to see it.

So, at lunch that day, I went to the common area at my university, and the student body watched, stunned, together, as the news poured in.

That day seemed to unify us.  It was the first time that we, as a nation, seemed vulnerable.  Both physically and emotionally…

…and we’ve never been the same since.

Where were you that day?  Does it still seem like yesterday to you?  What are your thoughts?


One thought on “9/11

  1. People ask “Do you remember what you were doing on 9/11”? I know I shall never forget. I was just ready to leave for Bible Study, looking forward to a time of fellowship. The TV was on in the background and as I looked at it to turn it off, I saw the image of one of the towers being hit by a plane and the commentator saying “One of the twin towers has just been hit by a plane”. At that very moment the phone rang and my oldest son said “Mom turn on the TV you won’t believe what is happening”. And we watched together over the phone to the terror. I went onto Bible Study. And as we women gathered we formed a circle holding hands and crying out to God. Unity on that day. Unity in Christ which we can continue to have as we fight on for Jesus.

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