If You’re In Ministry #3: Bragging

We all know that no one likes someone who brags, right? Especially in ministry.

But you gotta check this out:


And this:


And finally this:


Here’s the deal: I just bragged. And I’m in ministry.

What’s the difference?
It’s the way you brag that becomes a hindrance or a help.

Often times, you get someone in ministry that feels like they need to gloat or brag about ‘their’ ministry (that’s the first mistake. Fodder for a future post?). At the root of it, that person brags to feel important. It’s as if he has a low self esteem or feels insecure about their quality of work, so he tries to enhance what he does.

Bragging about you — your works, your ideas, your day, your life — exalts you, and results in failure and loss. Every time.
Bragging about others, on the other hand — making much of others’ ideas, day, or life — lifts up others, and results in a win. Arguably not every time, but more so than the alternative.

For example:
If I brag about something I did, who gets the credit? Me. Who cares? No one. Therefore, no one will be excited about replicating it.
If I brag about something one of my students did, the task becomes attainable, achievable, and addicting. Others will be encouraged and want to produce the same results.

That’s what we call a ‘win.’

That’s why we brag on our kids when they color, especially if they’re getting better. We want them to want to continue to excel.



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