4 Reasons I Plan On Spending This Friday With Lions

Why on earth would I spend a Friday with lions?

1. To invest in Family Time.
I love spending time with my family. This is the first good children’s animated movie since Winnie The Pooh came out in July (think the Smurfs count? Head to the comment section). That being said, our first “family day” in two weeks will be spent watching the story of Simba unfold.

2. To create ‘wow’ moments.
Chloe, our 2.5yr old daughter, loves “King King” (as she fondly refers to it).
Chloe loves the “big movie” (the gigantic movie theater screens).
Add a timeless movie to an already wow-inducing environment and sprinkle in the 3D effects and you get multiple ‘wow’ moments. In fact, you’ll have successfully helped your child wonder and yearn to discover.

3. To sing.
Yep. I’m not ashamed to say I still sing along with The Lion King soundtrack. It’s the third disc in our car’s CD changer.
And I bet you still sing, reference, or think about “Hakuna Matata” often (don’t deny it. That wasn’t you wishing you could say Hakuna Matata the other day when your day was going haywire? I thought so).

4. To share a common childhood experience.
Just as my parents took me to see the story of Simba as he became king, we’re bringing Chloe. Being able to share the same experience on different levels is something we all hope to do from time to time. It would be weird to always experience events only on Chloe’s levels and vice versa, but every once in a while you want to come back to that common experience from different perspectives.
Maybe she’ll help me catch a glimpse into childlike wonder.
Maybe I’ll help her to see into the complexities of taking ownership of your roles and leveraging your talent.
Or, maybe not.

Bottom line: Lion King 3D will be out for two weeks starting this Friday. You should go see it.

Question: What is your favorite memory about seeing Lion King back when it was first in theaters? What new experiences do you hope to have?


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