The Smarter Way #3: Buying a Movie Ticket

There’s almost always a smarter way to do things.

For example,


My dad loves going to the movies, and so do I.
My dad loves movie theater popcorn, and so do I.
My dad loves skipping everyone in line, and so do I.

How do we accomplish this feat, almost every time?

The smarter way to buy tickets is one of two ways, actually:
1. Buy ONLINE.
With Flixster, Fandango, and, you’d be an idiot not to pre buy your ticket. Unless, of course, you don’t do the “card” thing. In which case, well, you have my permission to read some other post. Seriously. Don’t waste your time reading the rest of this one. It won’t apply.

2. Buy INSIDE.
Yep. It’s amazing how many people know that you can buy the same ticket right INSIDE the doors, therefore bypassing a daunting and extremely long line. What’s even more amazing is how many people know you can buy inside at a little machine, yet STILL wait outside and buy their ticket(s).
To those who don’t do either…

…there’s almost always a smarter way.

So, how do you buy your movie tickets?


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