Own It Or Stay Home

Have you ever gotten a haircut or a hair color and it not turn out the way you wanted it to? You know the one I’m talking about. The one when you thought you could save $15 and cut your hair yourself, and then you looked in the mirror and your heart sank into your stomach? And you’re thinking, “What should I do?”

Bring Your Own Big Wheel 2011

Here’s my advice: own it or stay home.

That guy in the picture above? He owned it. Sure, probably not the hairstyle you want to sport when taking pictures for a church directory, but wherever that guy went, he owned it.

I’ve botched my hair before. Even my eye brows. Not my finest moments.
Back when I was in college, a girl asked me to her high school prom. Putting color on the tips of your hair was in style, if you were a guy (although, all of my real friends now tell me that “tipping” your hair was never “in”), so I went to get my hair “tipped” the day of her prom.

Not a good idea. Due to a problem with the dye, my hair was orange. The stylist gave me two choices: shave it, or bleach it.

Guess what I did…

…yep, I had bleached blonde hair.

I should have been mortified, but I didn’t want to stay home and disappoint my friend who had asked me to her prom, so I owned it.

In life, you’ll mess up. You’ll get yourself into a bleached blonde mess, but instead of losing your self-confidence and changing your mailing address to underneath some rock in Abu Dhabi, keep your chin up.

Own it. Rock it like a rock star.

So what if a bird pooped on your shorts (that happened to me the other day!) and you have nothing to change into. Own it.

You try to dye your hair at home and now you look like someone from Twilight? Own it.

You put your foot in your mouth, lie about someone, or just say something plain stupid in front of everyone? Don’t crawl in a hole. Instead, pick yourself up, own up to whatever you did, and keep going.

The disciple Peter did that. He disowned Jesus three times.

And Jesus still believed in Peter after that.

Next time you begin to question your self-confidence, don’t stay home. Own it.


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