The Fake Laugh

Question: how do you feel when you hear a fake laugh?

(this isn’t a joke; you can seriously answer. C’mon. Just talk to your screen right now and let us know; we’re listening).

No one likes a fake laugh. My friend says it perfectly right here:

Sometimes I fake laugh. We all do it.

A situation presents itself: someone says something or does something, expecting a laugh or a chuckle, but it’s not funny. So you’re left there, in a split second, thinking, “What do I do? Do I laugh or not? Because, if I laugh, then that’ll just encourage them to repeat the same thing or do/say something else that’s unfunny. If I don’t laugh, I’ll crush them. Because they really hang on every emotion I emit.”

So you do it: you muster up everything within you and you fake laugh.

My wife and I were watching a new show the other night on TV, and the situation presented itself. There were some maybe funny parts, and the thought was, “I really want to make it seem like I’m enjoying this show. So I should probably laugh, because if I don’t, my spouse will feel rejected, as if I’m not into the stuff she’s into.”

But I didn’t fake laugh alone. A fake laugh turns into an awkward laugh when two or more parties are thinking the same thing: fake laugh or not? So then you both fake laugh, and you both know it. It’s not a big deal when you’re doing that to a TV show. (by the way, we are going to give that show another go. It was halfway amusing)

Fake laughing becomes a big deal when it’s to a person. It hurts. And no matter how much you think your fake laugh is perfect, it’s not. Others can always spot a fake laugh.

My friend could spot my fake laugh a mile away, and she’d immediately point it out.

Don’t fake laugh. There’s no reason to.

Even if it’s a TV show.

So, have you ever been caught fake laughing? Head to the comments below and share! And then we’ll all fake laugh together.

(Did you catch the fake laugh there? “1,2, 3” wasn’t funny, but the kid laughed.  By the way, that’s just some random kid.  I don’t know them.  But the kid really helped prove the point, eh?)


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