C Spire Is Suprising

Image from Engadget's Website

Confusing title, eh?

So is C Spire, from what I’m reading (here and here, although here isn’t as much as confusing as it is dull. Thanks Forbes.).

It seems like they’re going to offer us a new, exclusive app that will know us more intimately (from Engadget’s article; weird).

I find it pretty ironic that C Spire releases the same year as Google+ releases and Facebook makes all its crazy changes.

If you’re a Cellular South customer, what are your initial thoughts?


2 thoughts on “C Spire Is Suprising

    • I agree. Change can be good. I’m looking forward to the interactive/personal features.

      I’m curious as to what the new plans will be, but one source tells me that family plans are being considered, as well as the iPhone.

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