The Smarter Way #4: The Driving Buddy

Let’s face it: traffic can be a bear, right?


Scenario: you’re on a road trip with several friends or you’re driving to a new place and your friends follow you in their own vehicle (maybe you make them nauseated when you drive, so they had to take separate vehicles). You want to drive at your normal pace, but your friend drives like they’re taking a test for a learner’s permit, so you stop at every yellow light waiting for them to catch up.

After awhile, you see open road ahead of you, but to get there, you need to get into the other lane. Your unobservant friend behind you is content with cruising, and so an endless line of cars pass you, and your trip gets lengthened.

If this describes you, then you have traffic situations.

But there’s a smarter way.

I call it “the driving buddy.”
The Driving Buddy (TDB for short) helps you navigate traffic situations.


Here’s how it works:

You tell TDB to follow you and to look out for holes in traffic.
If TDB sees a hole, he moves into the other lane FIRST, thus allowing you to freely move over.

Furthermore, if TDB is aware of the route, even if there aren’t any holes for you both to move into, then he creates one. If he knows you need to move into the left lane to turn eventually but there’s no hope in sight for you to get into the left lane, then TDB creates it.

Just think of TDB as a reverse offensive lineman: he creates the holes for you by looking ahead.

What other ways can a TDB help you navigate traffic situations?


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