TV Worth Watching

One of my favorite times of the year revolves around this:

televisión lado A

TV Fall Premieres. It happens every September. Unlike the NFL, NBA, or MLB, they never have only gone on strike once since I’ve been alive.

And like every Fall, there’s good TV, and then there’s great TV. What’s the difference?

Good TV provides a mental break.
Great TV inspires.

Here are some shows that I’ve seen in the last week that are certainly worth your time:

1. Fringe

My wife and I have been watching this show for a few years now, and it seems like the writing and its mythology gets better every year. It was a show that started off good, but now Fringe is great. Check it out: Fridays on FOX (viewer discretion advised because, well, it’s fringe science. Think X-Files, but 10x better and sans aliens)

My take on last week’s ep: Walter says, “People die. It happens. Sometimes they even die twice.” Amazing quote, on a spiritual level, on a “fringe science” level, and especially regarding this season’s storyline with the question, “Where’s Peter?”

2. Terra Nova

Steven Spielberg is attached to this scifi show about a people leaving a grim future for a thriving and exciting past. And yes, it includes dinosaurs. Sure, I don’t agree with the whole “85 million years ago” thing, but the concept is intriguing, and they finally got time travel figured out. Mondays on FOX (but you can catch a repeat of the 2hour premiere this Saturday)

My take on last week’s ep: The CGI is great for a TV show (Falling Skies and Eureka? Well, let’s just say I watch them for their stories). The location shots and set designs are stellar. But the story… The story is emotionally deep. My heart melted at one point (touching moment that most TV screen writers can’t pull off).

3. The Office

Spoiler alert: they have a new boss, and his name is Andy (my friends and I had quite the Twitter convo Monday night about the new boss). They have a new Corporate boss. But I read somewhere, and I fully agree, it seems like they’re back to the uniqueness they had in season one. Check out NBC to watch last week’s episode. They have new episodes Thursdays on NBC.

My take on last week’s ep: Dwight made me burst out laughing when he stopped his coworkers from planking. Hilarious. Stanley’s catch phrase may stick. And the cast? They showed they can handle life without Michael Scott.

Have you watched those shows? What did you think? What shows are you glued to?


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