TSW #5: The Alarm Clock

Ok. Time for “word association.” I am going to mention two words. You tell me the first thing that comes to your mind when you read:

Alarm Clocks.


If we’re honest, then most of us would admit that we immediately thought words like ugh, painful, morning, sleep in, hate the alarm, one of these days I will rip the batteries from it’s cold inanimate casing but I’m too tired this morning.

No? I’m the only one to think those words? Hm.

But seriously. There’s got to be a smarter way to waking up.

I believe there is…

…and it involves an alarm clock.

It’s not the alarm clock that’s the problem when it comes to the seemingly dreadful process of waking up in the morning.

It’s the placement.

More often than not, placement plays a huge problem in our lives. Not necessarily where we’ve “been placed”, but mainly where we position ourselves.

If you find that many of your friendships aren’t the way you imagined them, the problem isn’t your friends. It’s you — more specifically, it’s how you position yourself.
If your finances are out of balance, it’s probably not your job that’s the problem, or your salary. Most likely, it’s how you manage your money — how you position your money– that’s the problem.

If you struggle waking up in the morning, it’s not the sun’s fault. Or God’s. Or your mom or dad’s. Or the neighbor’s yapping dog. Or that train. It’s you.

More specifically, it’s how you position your alarm clock.

My advice?

Place it across the room. Far away from your hand. That way, you actually have to get up to turn it off.

(what a novel idea!)

It’s the smarter way.

At the surface, literally try that out. But if you want to go deeper, then see how you can apply this to your life.

Did it work?


4 thoughts on “TSW #5: The Alarm Clock

  1. You know it makes sense my only problem is that when I do this I tend to go back to bed. But you are right most problems are problems because of how we position ourselves.

  2. I found a novel way to ensure I am always up before the alarm goes off – it is placed right next to the baby’s crib. If I don’t get to it before it goes off, that equals a world of trouble both with baby and with mama! It’s effective – sometimes placement and accountability go hand in hand!

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