Meanderings of the Month: September

So, this was my busiest month yet!

My total number of reads more than doubled my previous biggest month, April. I gained a few more subscribers (you can get meanderings by email! Look at the right side of this page to see how).

I like statistics to see the connections in things, so I ran a few for you. For each meandering, I looked at the number of words, the category, and the title’s score. My thinking is this:
Do my readers prefer shorter posts or longer posts?
Do my readers prefer posts about Culture over posts about Leadership?
Or, are my readers attracted to posts with strong titles?

According to you, here are the four meanderings of the month:
1. What a Photoshoot Taught Me. 261 words. Life category. 55.4%
2. C Spire Is Surprising. 91 words. Culture category. 14.6%
3. Not the Geese. Not My Daughter. 359 words. God category. 10.2%
4. The Fake Laugh. 394 words. Culture category. 41.4%

There was a three way tie for fifth:
TV Worth Watching
Own It Or Stay Home
Save $700 On Photo-Editing Software

What was your favorite?


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