Bricks of Black And White

When you think of a brick wall, what comes to mind?
Why do you think about that?
What ramifications does that have beyond this moment, this day, this week?

That’s what I want to look at for this moment, today.

Bricks of black and white.


I once read that life is made up of bricks and springs. Bricks are those rock hard thoughts, beliefs, the type of beliefs that you build upon. And when you get one, good belief, a really strong core foundational belief, you place it deep within, and you find your next brick and place it on top of that one. And then the next one on that on. And so on, until you have a really firm foundation, one that can’t be rocked, one that can’t be broken.

To me, bricks are those “non-negotiables”.


Black and white.

Springs, on the other hand, are bendable. Movable. If a spring were challenged, then that’s okay, because springs aren’t core. They are meant to be moved and tested and made more firm.

One of my life bricks is huge, which they should be, and it’s that

God exists.

I build my life upon that.
And so, because I believe God exists, I have thoughts about God (of course, if you don’t believe God exists, then you still have thoughts, albeit non-thoughts, about God, but that’s delving into philosophy, and that’s not the point).

A few other life bricks are
There is a way the world ought to be, a way God created it.
But the world, you and I, aren’t operating that way. Not initially. It’s the way the world is.
God sent his son Jesus to right what’s wrong, to make the world — humanity — right again. Only Jesus can do this.
And in the end, God, through Jesus, will be victorious.

That’s a whole lot of theology packed into a few lines. I get that.

So here are my questions for you to meander about…

If you don’t follow Jesus, then what are some bricks in your life?
What thoughts/beliefs are core to who you ate and what you do?

And, if you do follow Jesus, then what are the bricks of black and white that you must have in order to believe?
What are the essentials to the Christian faith?


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