Passion Report: The Hand of Freedom


Created by Instagram user Daria11

In this world, today, there are 27 million people in bondage to others, forced to make cheap Christmas ornaments, shoes and soccer balls, or even to give their bodies over for sex to help make their pimp richer.

27 million men, women, and even children.

Do Something Now and the Passion Conference teams made this their coordinated theme at Passion 2012:


At various Freedom Stations set up all across the Georgia Dome, International Square, and the Georgia World Congress Center, attendees had the opportunity to walk through a tactile journey pointing out the atrocities of modern day slavery.

Hanging above the stations were 2,700 white flags of surrender, each flag representing 1,000 slaves.

And at the heart of it all was the statue of a hand.
A hand created with items made by slaves.
A hand representative of those people reaching out for help.
A hand that stands for the hand of Christ, through His people, stretching out to rescue and restore.
A hand that will constantly remind Atlanta, one of the major U.S. hubs for sex trafficking, of the atrocities going on in their city as well as the world today.

A hand that says we are a generation united for freedom.




2 thoughts on “Passion Report: The Hand of Freedom

    • I don’t believe I mentioned this in the post, but the conference that I attended shot a music video for a song they will release to secular radio in March to the UK, the US, and Australia, called “27 Million.” it brings attention to the 27 million modern day slaves. You may be able to do a YouTube search for the song.

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