What I Looked At Everyday for 6 Months

I heard a leadership lesson somewhere that went something like this:

Remind yourself daily of what you’re looking toward.

Of course, it’s the same lesson you learn if you take Driver’s Ed in high school:
Keep your eyes on the road.

So, that’s what I did. For over 6 months, there was one picture that I saw everyday.
Every time I turned on my phone.
Every time I received a heart-wrenching text message.
Every time I made a call to simply ask someone, “How’s your day?”
Every time I connected with friends and family.
Every time I wanted to unwind with a leisurely game of Angry Birds.

Multiple times per day, as I put in the pass code to my phone to use it for whatever purpose, I saw one image.

An image that reminded me of what I was working towards.

Here’s what I looked at everyday for 6 months:


Why I did I use this photo? To remind myself where I was headed, physically, and spiritually.
What happened when Passion 2012 and I collided? We will explore that over the next few posts. By the way, you can expect two posts per day, one at 9am and the other at 3pm, starting today and finishing up Thursday. Enjoy!


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