Passion Report: Tassels

Session 2. Tuesday morning, January 3, 2012.
The speaker was Beth Moore.
As you will see from the notes, she is intensive and almost exhaustive with her notes. Simply put: she is amazing. Don’t be like the guy sitting next to me that morning who stayed up too late or maybe forgot to have his coffee: you don’t want to sleep through her teachings.


Luke 8:40-55 (vv43-48)
V42 & 43. Both the girl’s and the woman’s infirmities were 12 years in the making.
We think that our God has a finite attention span, a consumable degree of help. But He doesn’t. He is infinite.

What happened to her will happen to everyone in this room.
Verse 47, “seeing that she could not go unnoticed…”
You cannot go unnoticed by God.
There is something freeing knowing that we are not hidden from God.
We are dying to be raised to life again.

A passage about the discharge of blood is awkward and not something we like talking about. It is uncomfortable.
The greatest need we have for healing is something intensely private.
“We are as sick as our secrets.” ~ anon
We hide what needs the most healing.
The main reason we hide is because of fear of what it would do to us socially.

This woman’s trauma was personal, social, physical.

Can you think of any word more degrading than “defiled?”

Verse 43. Mark’s 5:28, this woman was going to take the risk of making Jesus unclean.
But that’s one of the best parts of the story. You cannot be unclean enough to mess up Jesus.

Numbers 15:47ff. Jewish people wore tassels to remind them that they are holy. Set apart.

And yet this woman touched the fringe of his garment, the garment that says, “I am set apart. I am ritually clean.” Jesus made himself easy to reach.
And yet she did not make Jesus unclean. He is not unclean or slick or hard to reach.
Jesus is easy to reach. He is touchable. He makes himself easy to grab onto.

Hebrews 10:19-23. Don’t sit there and wait for something. Grab on to Jesus.
If you’re going to be close enough to that cross to be sprinkled with the blood of Jesus, you’ll have to be ready to cling, ready to be cleansed.

Luke 8:46ff. Once we can explain something, we can master it, and we cannot master Jesus. Jesus says that someone has touched him. If you reach out for Jesus, He feels it too. When you receive that healing, He feels it too. To make a public profession, to say she had been healed, she had to admit she was unclean, bound.

It was the faith that drove the touch that welcomed the healing.

The hem of that garment is right there. Grab on.

You cannot consume Him, but He can consume you.


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