Passion Report: The Dome + The Dorm

Notes from Session One, Monday night, January 2, 2012.
The speaker was Louie Giglio, the visionary architect for Passion.


The idea has always been “the dome + the dorm.”
If the dome doesn’t do something in us, then what happens at the dorm?
The work place?
Your home?
Your city?
What would the point have been?

The point is to make one name known.


Is the name of Jesus going to reverberate, echo back to your home, your loved ones, your city, the nations?

Luke 7. “They all realized they were in a place of holy mystery, that God was at work among them. ”
If that doesn’t happen here, where you say, “oh no,” then we’ve missed it.
“They were quietly worshipful.”
Yet, “they were noisily grateful.” and their statement was that God is back and He cares about the needs of his people.

V11ff. Jesus says to the woman who just lost everything, “Don’t cry.”
This woman’s son was now dead, being carried out on a stretcher.
And then Jesus raised the son from death.

And the news spread throughout the land.

Jesus came to intersect a funeral procession.
And Jesus has come to intersect your life, right now.

The stretcher is symbolic because there are things leading us to death.
— A relationship.
— A misunderstanding of who Jesus is.
— Our sin.
— a wound. Something happened to you.
You know what it is.

The enemy has a plan for you.
And it can be written on a 3×5 card. His plan is to steal, kill, and destroy.

Jesus also has a plan for you.
1) Don’t let the enemy convince you that this isn’t for you. Because this is for you.
Get up.
2) this message proclaims the Gospel. The Gospel, at the heart, is a resurrection of the dead. And Jesus was just giving a taste of what’s to come. Eph2. By grace you have been saved.
And pages later, “wake up you sleeper.” rise up.
3) The news of Jesus spread.

What’s at stake in these four days is what God wants to do through you.
It’s time to rise up from the dead.
It’s time for you to walk back, and people to be astonished, and ask you, “What happened to you?”

The name of the village where the funeral was taking place means “beauty.”

God came back to a place called beauty to a funeral.
Christ wants to crown you with his beauty.


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