Passion Report: More Than a Statistic

Session 3. Tuesday, January 3, 2012, right after lunch.
Christine Caine spoke.

How her life was interrupted…
… When divine interruptions happen, lives are changed.

John 17:15, As you sent Me, I send them.

If you take away a name and a face, they become dehumanized. And then there’s no problem getting rid of them.

I didn’t sign up to follow Jesus so that I could be a professional speaker.
I followed Jesus to make a difference.

Jesus interrupts our very mundane moments to speak into our lives.

What wouldn’t I do or give up to help my girl, if it was your child?
You would do anything to rescue the one.

The only thing Jesus Christ went to the cross for was people.
How could slavery of this magnitude happen on our watch?

Luke 10. Good Samaritan.
The Samaritan had compassion “so he went.”
Compassion is never compassion until you get involved.
Until you go across the street.

“Do something now” is an opportunity to cross the street.
There is a need to arise.
And if we are crippled and broken, we have an obligation to go help rescue others, to bring hope and restoration.

Surely God wants to use rescued people to rescue people.

We are saved BY grace FOR a purpose.
Christine shared that, at age 33, she learned that she was adopted. She doesn’t know the details around her conception, but she knows that God formed her for a purpose.
If she hadn’t been born in Australia, she could have been born in a country with slave trade.
At birth, she was only a number.
But we are more than a number, more than a statistic.

He set us free so that we could free others, to make a difference in a dark world.
They’re a statistic until you meet one.

We try to arrive at death safely.

She tells a story of buying her daughter a flash light, and immediately while still in the store, her daughter turns the flash light on. Unfortunately, due to the amount of light in the store, it doesn’t work, and the daughter gets frustrated, saying, “Can we please go and find some darkness?”

Light only works in one place — darkness.


2 thoughts on “Passion Report: More Than a Statistic

  1. Good analogy of the flashlight and darkness. Jesus is the light and if we belong to him we are light. Therefore we are light in a dark world to show them the way towards the light.

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