Passion Report: Action Panel

Session 6. Wednesday, January 4, 2012.
This session was right after lunch. I was more than full from Jason’s Deli sandwiches, but I was alert. The notes here are sparse because I was enthralled by the stories being told (I’m not a good note taker of stories; I can’t wait to watch this panel again when my Digital All Access pass comes in).

There were four speakers interviewed/emceed by Louie Giglio.


We have to do songs about freedom in order to release it. (Justin from film Call to Action)

The body of Christ isn’t meant to sit in high rise buildings reading stories about people doing things for Christ. (lady from NightLife)
Their goal: to be called “repairer of broken walls” (Is 58)
NightLife works thru prevention, education, restoration

Anyone who looks at or buys porn is fueling the sex slave trade industry ~ Christine Caine

Enthusiasm doesn’t not equal accomplishment. (guy from Call to Action)
Just like every verse needs a chorus, every need needs an action.
We must connect commitment to action.

The piece that we bring to this as the Church is the power of prayer. Christine Caine

The way that we consume today is in a village aspect, and so the slavery is so ingrained.
Your dollar, whether you use it or you don’t, has an impact.
Your vote, whether you use it or you don’t, has an impact.

How would someone get to know that what they’re going to get is made by slaves?
Through an app.
How can people track along and know when this is ready?


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