Passion Report: Piper And the Background

Wednesday, January 4, 2012.
Session 7. John Piper


(pic take from Passion’s twitter page)

Lecrae opened up for Piper, ending with “Fade into the Background.”
We should fade into the background in comparison to the great fame of Jesus Christ.

Jesus intends for your life to bring him glory.
Make Him look great.
Place God’s infinite value on display.

Main point:
Seeing and savoring the supremacy of Jesus Christ frees you from the slavery of sin for the sacrifices of loves.

Faith in Jesus Christ frees you from the slavery of sin for the sacrifices of love.

Why this point fulfills your purpose of living for God:
When you are savoring and satisfied in Jesus, he is glorified.
God loves it when you are savoring him in your soul. Only he can see it. It’s invisible.
Instead, you are outwardly set free from the slavery of sins that others can see.
Your fruit glorifies God publicly.

Step one: why are seeing and savoring, being satisfied, and trusting equivalent realities?
Before you trusted Christ, you were dead. You didn’t need to be churched. You needed to be saved.

What is saving faith?
seeing and savoring, being satisfied, and trusting equivalent realities
John 6:35. He is the bread of life. Jesus satisfies.
John 1:12. To as many as received Him, who believed in his name, became the children of God.
To believe is to receive.
To see what Jesus is and to take all of Him.
To embrace Him.
Hebrews 11:6. Whoever comes to God must believe. You come towards God, believing he exists, and he is your reward.
You don’t come to God to give. He doesn’t need you at all.

Freedom is doing what you want to do and not regretting it in a thousand years.
The more satisfied you are in Jesus, the more free you are.

Coming to faith in Jesus requires a resurrection of the dead.
You need to be raised from the dead.

Step two: the supremacy of Jesus Christ.
The supremacy of his deity.
Equivalent to the Father.
At the heart and the origin of the universe is the gladness of God, and it was so big that it had to be shared, so he created existence.
There isn’t a square inch on planet earth where Jesus doesn’t say “mine.” ~ Abraham Piper

Step three: the supremacy of Jesus frees from sin.
We are being transformed from one image of glory to another.
Little hearts give little lusts big power.
Big hearts give big lusts little power.

Step four:
Heb 10:34.


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