Passion 2012: Thoughts


If you look back at my Passion Reports, you’ll notice something interesting: I’ve put a picture of myself in several of the posts.

At first, I’d chalk that up to vanity.
Second, I’d go the route of saying, “There weren’t many pictures to choose from, so that’s what you’re stuck with.”

But instead, I want you to notice the background.

In each shot, I have the stage or the main floor in the background. These were taken with my wife’s iPhone, and each time I took one, she would remark with curiosity as to what I was doing.

But here’s the deal:
On a surface level, I want you to notice where our seats were in relation to the stage so that you get to experience how big and massive the Georgia Dome is, and so that you can also see how many perspectives we got to experience the main sessions from.
On a spiritually spatial level, I want you to notice where our seats were in relation to the stage, where things were presented. Although the Word was preached and the songs were led from the stage, the Spirit worked all throughout the building. Hearing from God is an amazing experience, whether in the nosebleeds or ten rows back.
And on a social level, in some small way, I wish you could have been there too. Even if money were an issue, I wish you could’ve watched the live feed online (which some of you told me you did).

Random thoughts:

The Cheesecake Factory has too many options and gives you too much food.
Starbucks is my friend.
January in Atlanta is cold.
Always keep the “privacy” hanger on your hotel door until you wake up; otherwise, it can be an inroad to awkward situations.
Take notes and process what you learn with others. To do one without the other is foolish.
Together, we are a force for good.




One thought on “Passion 2012: Thoughts

  1. No matter where you are you stand to gain from being with God’s people, preparing for God’s work.

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