4 Years Later

A lot’s changed in my life in 4 years.

For example, professionally,

  • My first senior pastor retired.
  • Our second senior pastor went to another state.
  • I’ve gone through 2 interim periods without a senior pastor.
  • My church made me Associate Pastor.
  • One of my friends became a leader in our church and has since gone on to pastor another church.
  • Another of my friends has been promoted to full time staff.
  • I’ve been taking more speaking engagements, speaking for Disciple Nows, weekend retreats, and revivals. (For booking info, click here)


  • We had another baby! His name is Grayson. Check him out on my Instagram.
  • My mother-in-law passed away.
  • We’ve moved to another area a little farther from our church.
  • I’ve begun listening to podcasts voraciously.
  • Our daughter has attended a different school each year for the past three years (no, she’s not a troublemaker, yet).
  • I went on my first international mission trip!

And it got me to thinking,


You don’t realize the distance you’ve gone until you stop and take a look back.

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So, where have the past 4 years taken you?

Make a list. Then share it with a friend or a loved one.

In fact, go on and make that list and share it along with this article. I bet you’ll be amazed where you and your friends have been in 4 years.


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