Did the Tide Come in for New Passion Album?

New Years Day 2016. 

Big news in modern Christian worship: the latest Passion album dropped today. 

Is it worth buying?

Yes. Buy it now. At only $9.99, it’s easily the best new album of 2016 (of course, that’s not entirely fair, since it is only the first.)

But seriously,

The Good:

“Salvation’s Tide Is Rising” starts out very clean, with great loops and electronic sounds, and yet when Stanfill’s vocals begin, it’s quieted and calm, very reminiscent of a tide coming in. Powerful lines: 

Let the walls come down, in Jesus’ name

Let the lost be found, in Jesus’ name.

Let the Church arise to shine Your light to the world

Shine your light.

Crowder’s “My Victory” sounds electronically sublime on the album, yet would probably be even more powerfully raw live. (Side note: I’m jealous for those who will experience this in person at Passion 2016 this week). “Your death is hell’s defeat.” Good stuff.

The next track, “Remember,” is a beautiful duet with Younker and Malone. The build after the bridge sends this track into another level. This is the type of song you’ll find yourself singing in your head all day and won’t even mind. 

Tomlin and Redman have only one song each, and I have a theory about that: I believe Passion is about building new voices for this generation. And I agree with that method. 

Redman’s track is a personal promise from the singer to God, and to some degree, I can easily see this as being a song of response in churches nationwide. 

Track 7, “Your Grace Amazes Me,” is deeply personal. Soft and slow to start, this song builds and booms the truth that every Believer will one day understand — the depth of Jesus’ grace. 

Crowder’s other track echoes the guttural sound of his first song “My Victory,” and you could almost argue that it’s a continuation in theme, style, and focus. Again, Crowder uses lyrical prowess to punch the devil proclaiming salvation in Jesus. 

What I most looked forward to:

Jimi Cravity. Never heard of the guy, so I had to look him up on Instagram earlier (side note: I love finding worship artists I’ve never heard of). His style deviates a little from the typical Passion sound, but not too drastically. His song “I Surrender” takes me back to the style of worship songs I fell in love with years ago, yet with more mature depth. Radio hit? No. But personal. One you’ll sing loudly with by yourself in your car. 

Melodie Malone. Her solo song, “Simple Pursuit,” has a gentle rhyme and meter, with simple beats and synth loops. What you need to know: this girl can sing. And when the drums and full sound enter, you’re wondering why you didn’t turn this one up louder earlier. 

“Good Good Father.” Stanfill’s version, to be exact. Last year I noticed both Tomlin and Stanfill with versions of “Even So Come,” and I didn’t know what to think at first. After some time, I learned to like the style of each. Same with this song. It seems a little slower, but that fits in with the rest of the album. 

Final thoughts:

  • Worth buying.
  • Overall, a slower tempo (no need for dance shoes like LTFB a few years ago)
  • Great idea to release pre-conference for multiple reasons. 
  • I do hope they release a delux version, but even if they don’t,…

3.5 out of 5. 

What do you think?

Which track is your favorite on first listen?


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