Youth Pastor Summit

Imagine this scenario: you’re a youth pastor and you get to choose one conference to attend this year. You’ll choose YPS (Youth Pastor Summit) and here’s why:


 It’s free, challenging, and encouraging.

Student Leadership University hosts over 2,000 youth workers each Spring in Orlando, Florida for 2 days for free.

You read that right: for free. 

We get excellent messages and talks given by world renowned speakers related to student ministry (this year we had DA Horton, Francis Chan, Brent Crowe, Josh Griffin, David Nasser, Ben Trueblood, and a few other great men and women).

If the admission being covered weren’t enough, they provide lunch both days (Chick Fil A is Monday), free resources, all you can drink soft drinks/waters on Monday, free donuts and coffee, and even a park hopper to Universal Studios.

When I returned and friends asked, “How was it?”, my response is always “Challenged and encouraged.” Because, let’s face it, student ministers (all ministers, arguably) need a good deal of encouragement. For 19 years, Jay Strack has been living out Hebrews 10:24, considering ways to spur youth workers on towards love and good deeds.

Don’t get me wrong: the heady, academic, theologically driven, or practical leadership infused conferences are great, but sometimes you just need to be encouraged and loved on.

Thanks SLU. 

Want to come with me next year? Email me and I’ll keep you posted.

(PS. Over the next few days, I’ll post my notes from each of the talks I attended: Francis Chan, Brent Crowe, Jay Strack, Josh Griffin, and then both the Ben Trueblood as well as Billy Young breakouts)Edit


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