Doubt the Default

The browser you use says a lot more than you think about how you think.


Credit: Sean MacEntee (Flickr, via Creative Commons)


This recent TED talk by organizational psychologist Adam Grant fascinated me in regards to the web browsers we use. There’s research that shows that employees who use Firefox or Chrome usually stay longer at their jobs as well as perform better than people who use Safari or Internet Explorer (side note: I personally never use IE because I see it as the bane of the Internet).

In short: what does your browser choice say about you and your performance? Typically, your browser choice indicates your ability to “doubt the default and look for a better option.” Those who go with Safari or IE tend to stick with the default, possibly due to many reasons, the main ones being that it’s too much trouble to look for and install or that the person is comfortable with mediocrity and status quo.

Doubt the default, and look for better options.





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