What I’m Reading Right Now, September 7, 2016

Question: how did you stumble upon this article? Was it because of my post yesterday, something from social media (like Twitter), or your subscription, or…?

I’m currently seriously reading 3 books, and here they are:

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

In Walking the Bible by Bruce Feiler, I’m only in Book 1, Chapter 1 (his chapters are quite long). So far, he wrote a new preface (as a casual reader, I would skip the preface and forwards of books; as a serious reader, I find them to be as important as the first couple minutes of a TV show or movie, setting up what you’re about to consume), in which he writes,

“Eventually you find yourself living a kind of empty life, and you find yourself looking for something greater, somewhere to ground yourself” (xxi).

And, “For as long as people have walked, they’ve walked to get closer to their gods” (xxiii).

In this already fascinating book, Feiler literally walks the land in which the Bible was constructed, giving verbally visual pictures of the stories we’ve read all too well (or not too well at all). I hope one day I can walk the path of the Patriarchs, but for now, this book is giving some new dimension to what can become too familiar.

In Building Up Your Spouse by Family Life Today‘s Dennis and Barbara Rainey, they take us on a 7 session journey of the reasons and ways to build up our spouses. Currently, my wife and I are a part of a young couples’ small group working through this study, and we just finished session 2, which focused on unconditional love and acceptance. These building blocks help marriages dig deeper, stronger roots. Who wouldn’t want that in a marriage?

Finally, in Simplify by Bill Hybels, he teaches ten practices that will help unclutter your soul. In short, our staff has been working through different development books to read together, and it was time to work on soul care. I’ve found that when our hearts are healthy, our work is better. It’s what Michael Hyatt refers to as one of the heads of the three headed dragon, and when you conquer this each day, you work that much better.

Currently, we’re on chapter 5 which is subtitled “Making Room For Forgiveness.” In short, Jesus forgave, so we should too, but that can be harder than we think, especially given the types of offenses that come our way. He mentions three types of offenses:

  • Category 1, Minor Offenses. These are merely slights and are small things. We have the tendency to turn these into bigger things than they really are. So don’t.
  • Category 2, Legitimate Wounds. These wounds are betrayal, broken trust, and deep hurt. He gives a prescription to forgive these (Go, Go alone, Go to reconcile the relationship, Go now, and Let it go). This is hard to do.
  • Category 3, Life-Shattering Injustices. Unthinkable tragedies. Things that ought not to be. Yet they happen to some. I won’t be able to do this section justice in a short amount of words, so if you’ve been hurt by a life-shattering tragedy, pick up this book. Email me. Let’s talk.

One fascinating quote from this chapter that I’ll leave you with is this:

“You can tell a lot about someone’s heart by how that person prays when he or she has been wronged” (p.111).

What are you reading right now? I’d love to know!


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