A Dad’s Quick Thoughts On iOS 10

iOS 10 made its arrival this week, and although there are some features I’m not fond of (or at least acclimated to, yet) in Apple’s latest mobile operating system, there’s are a couple features that this dad loves…

Night Shift

In Night Shift, the user can finally turn the screen temp to a warmer setting, taking the strain off your eyes. We would rock our kids when they were babies, and since rocking could turn into a long event, I would read. For awhile I tried using a black screen with white text (some reading apps have this feature), and then I even went to inverting my display. But warmer temps take the strain down. Side benefit: the morons who play on their phones in movie theaters now have another display option. 


This feature (in your clock settings) functions to help you get to bed at a consistent time as well as wake up at a consistent time. It’ll ask you a few questions (like when you need to wake up and how much sleep you need) and then it will set alarms for both when you need to wake up as well as when you need to go to sleep. 

This is great news for parents with kids glued to their iDevices. 

I have a few reservations of the update overall, particularly the news widget (from a parental perspective), but my main problem is not getting acclimated to the lock screen. 

For a more in-depth look into iOS 10, check out these articles:


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