A Statement On Baby O

On Thursday, October 20, Mary and I, surrounded by a few close family members, heard a statement from a High Risk Pregnancy OBGYN that we haven’t heard since 2006,

“Your baby is not compatible for life.”

In other words, our Baby O (either Oliver or Olivia) will not live. 

A few things we’d like to let you know:

  1. Our 7 year old daughter Chloe has been told that Baby O “is sick.” This is true. Baby O has bilateral multi-cystic kidneys, but will die from undeveloped lungs, if this continues to progress as Alex did in 2006-2007. We tell you this to help respect our family in this time, particularly Chloe, who responded Thursday night with “I want Baby O to live.” Our reply?
  2. “God is still good.” He is. He always will be. We are teaching our daughter that God is good, always, and we will still worship as such. His plan for Alex wasn’t to let us bring him home from the hospital. Instead, God has used Alex to deepen our faith in the Creator of the universe at the same time as deepening our marriage bedrock. God’s plan may not be for us to bring home Baby O, which will be heartbreaking and terrible, but we will use our story to point to His story. At the end of our lives, His story will remain. So let’s invite others into the story of Jesus, that we can take heart because Jesus has overcome. But why be so open with you?
  3. We want our stories to count for the fame of Jesus. You’ll see us at church or in our jobs or at the ballet recital or in the community or online, and we don’t want it to be awkward for you. We’ve seen that before, and we want to foster openness and dialogue. Most people conversationally ask “How are you,” not knowing how to begin a conversation or not knowing how to broach the issue. We encourage you to stay up to date with our story. In so doing, you’ll see us struggle, tears as we pray or speak, our voice tremble as we echo “God is still good.” And that’s good because it’s authentic. Authentic stories count for the fame of Jesus. We will be greatly encouraged as you exhibit authenticity with your story. So don’t walk on eggshells around us. 

Will you walk this journey with us? It may be updates via this blog, or on Facebook, or on Instagram, but let’s be real. Let’s walk together. Let’s see Jesus in the valley together. We need you. 


40 thoughts on “A Statement On Baby O

  1. God is good and faithful and will be with you every step of the way!! We will be praying for you and your family!!

  2. How thoughtful of you to issue this statement telling your friends how you want us to respond in this sad situation. I know in my head that God has told us that all things work to good for those who believe in Him. But that doesn’t make it easy for my heart or anyone else’s to accept this news. I have been praying and will continue to pray.

  3. James, Mary, Chloe and Grayson….you will continue to be in our prayers daily…we love you guys very much…may the comfort of family…friends help you and our savor sustaine you thru this most difficult time.

  4. I God give you peace, comfort and strength. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. Love Y’all 😔🙏❤️

  5. Oh, James and Mary, I am so very sorry to hear this news. God has you in the palm of His hand and He will carry you through these dark times. We lift you up in prayer and will continue to do so. Love to all of you.😘💕❤️🙏🙏🙏

  6. James, you and Mary have always given God glory in all situations, as long as I have known you and by including us in this opportunity to pray for you all, you are showing that you truly believe what you say. My heart goes out to you for this pain and I continue to pray for all of you. Praying Our Father will sustain you as you walk thru this. I love your family.

  7. James, Mary, Chloe and Grayson, we will certainly walk through this journey with y’all through prayer and hope. We love you all very much and pray that God will give you peace and hold you very close during this time.

  8. My momma always said, “They are PRACTICING medicine” sometimes they get it physically right. But your “O” has a soul like all others in the family. Your job with gods help, is to care for the spirit’s health (yours, your girl and the babies). Sounds like you are doing an excellent job. God is good and never “sends” bad. He helps through it!

  9. I will proudly be walking this journey with you and the family. Carolyn is my Sunday School sister and we will continue to remember y’all in in our prayers. God is good, all the time.
    Peace and grace

  10. I am very sorry to hear this news, James. I will be lifting the entire Reardon family up in prayer during this heartbreaking journey. My love to you all.

  11. So sorry to hear this. My Grandson and his wife just went through this.my thoughts and prayers are with you all.

  12. James, Mary, my Chloe , and Gra Gra, I love you guys and praying all the time. It is such a blessing to see your Faith through this. James remember your life verse., and mine Be Still and Know I Am God!

  13. Broken hearted. Praying for your dear family. Thanking God for y’all. Hoping and praying that God has a miracle in mind, but if not, I know that God is still taking care of us all and loving us all and saying, “I’m here. I’ll hold tight. You hold tight too.” And we will.

  14. Thank you for allowing us to take this journey with your precious family. Also know that as your voice trembles, ours will tremle with you. As your heart cries, our heart cries with you. And as tears fall from your eyes, our eyes will leak too.

    We love you all and are eternally grateful your story has become part of our story and our story, part of The Greatest Story ever told.

    God was, is, and always will be good!

  15. James, you and Mary and your precious family are in our hearts and we will be fervently praying that God uses Baby O and his/her story in such a way that others see Him. Your faith is already a testament to His goodness. Brian and I stand with you all.

  16. I have no words, but I know you two are the strongest couple/family I know. And, yes, He is still good, and will carry you and your family in his arm through this. Please know that I am another among the tons of prayer warriors you already have. Much love to all of you.

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