Finding Rest In God

Hey guys! Sorry we’ve been MIA lately. Things have been crazy lately to say the least. After hearing our news from Cincinnati, I have kinda shut down to be honest. There’s so much to take in and so much to think about. 

Something that God is teaching me is seated in this question, “Are my circumstances negatively affecting my worship of Him?” 

The answer should be no, that regardless of my circumstances, I will stand firm on His Name and His grace. 

A fear of mine ever since we heard the news of Baby O is that Chloe would become angry at God. One evening on the way home from church I had a heart to heart with Chloe. I started the conversation with telling her God is so good. As we talked I wanted her to know that even though we have prayed and prayed for God to heal Baby O, God is allowing us to walk down this path and He is still so good. Chloe looks at me so innocently and says, “Mommy, it’s not God’s fault”. Thank you Jesus for answering my prayer! 

So I want to ask you, “What is that difficult thing you are walking through right now?” You have prayed and prayed, asking, even begging, God to take this from you and you feel He isn’t listening. 

Are you turning to Him and allowing His grace to pour over you? Or are you blaming Him and turning from Him? 

A quote a friend of mine tweeted a few years ago says this, “But if He chooses not to move in the way we prayed He would, I’m confident He is working all together for my good.” 

 Read that again…let that really sink in. 

I beg God to please not allow us to walk this path again. It’s a pain that I can never describe to you. But I can honestly say that even though He isn’t moving in the way I’m praying, I am confident He is working this together for my good and for His greater good. 

I ask you to allow God to give you joy. To give you peace. To give you rest in knowing that He is always working for our good. His will be done. 

Psalm 62:5 “Yes, my soul, find rest in God; my hope comes from Him.” 


2 thoughts on “Finding Rest In God

  1. Thank you for this post. Our church service was about this this past Sunday.
    To always be thankful. You don’t have to be thankful for the circumstances, but Always be thankful to GOD. HIS plan is greater than ours.
    Some times our sorrows bring others, and ourselves, closer to God. Our lives are witness. Someone is always watching.
    My prayers continue for you all and this chapter in your lives. God’s Will be done always. And know, it is never too late for God’s miracles!
    God bless you guys and the strength He has given you.

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