We don’t like “No”

We don’t like to hear the word “no” often…or at least I don’t like too. 

I’ve been reading a book a friend of mine sent me called Hearing Jesus Speak into Your Sorrow by Nancy Guthrie. Something caught my attention, and I’ve been chewing on it for a couple of weeks:

 When God tells us “no.” 

This past Sunday our pastor in his sermon brings up the idea of when God says “no.” (Ok, now I’m listening God!) He’s being persistent with this, so now He’s got my attention.

I’ve been having a rough few weeks. Feeling down. Worried about what’s to come. Seeing people I know preparing for their soon to be bundles of joy. And while watching all these things I’m trying to understand that God is telling me “no.” 

Jesus didn’t want to go to the cross. He in fact asks God to take this cup from him. But Jesus knew God had a bigger plan in place and He was able to walk through the “no.” 

Guthrie writes, 

“We don’t want to become hard and resentful toward God when he tells us no. We need to stay soft toward him, confident that if our loving Father has told us no, it is not because he is punishing us or being cruel. He is in fact loving us and doing what is best for us.”

That’s tough to believe. It’s a daily choice for me to wake up, get out of bed, and say “Your will be done.” In these dark moments when my heart is aching so bad that I will choose to believe He knows what best for me…and that I will continue to say yes to Him as He is telling me “no”… It’s a choice I have to ask God to help me make to remember it’s His story, always His story

So while my heart is hurting right now, joy comes in the morning! 

Thy Will be done! 


4 thoughts on “We don’t like “No”

  1. Mary, there’s really no words that can help right now but just know that there’s many many people thinking about you and loving you so much. God gives us angels in forms of people to help us down here. God loves you and I love you so much. God bless you

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