Make Your Recliner Lonely, Dads

Dads, you’ve got 17-18 years on loan with your kid in your house, so make these years count. 

Here’s a post I made to Facebook today after visiting my daughter’s school for lunch. 

Dads, get off the recliner and go play with your kids. 

I surprised Chloe today by coming to school to eat with her. It was a great time, just talking about her day, meeting her best classmate, and laughing and cutting trees out of lunchables cheese…

…until one kid told me he wished I could be his dad. I was caught off guard, so I asked him what he meant. He said, “I wish I could move in with you. You’re cool. My dad just sits in his recliner all day, watching TV. And yells at us.”

Another sweet little girl said, “Yeah, all my parents do is argue. All the time. I can’t think of a time they don’t argue with each other.”

My heart breaks for them.

So I implore you, dads, to love your kids by action. Wrestle with them. Laugh with them. Tirelessly try to get into their world, discovering their friends, ups and downs. Dream with them. Cut trees out of cheese. 

Just get off your butt and be a dad. 
As a dad, your kid should get more of your time than your recliner. So, make your recliner lonely, and go warm your kid’s heart. 


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