A Silly Little Notion

Heading into the Baby O event soon, I found myself worrying about what seems to be a silly little notion, “What happens after Baby O? What happens to God’s hand on our lives? Will His annointing leave?”

Do you ever wonder what if God doesn’t feel close anymore? The silly thought briefly entered my mind, until what I read in my quiet time today…

I’m reading the letters of Samuel Rutherford this year, a 17th century Scottish theologian and pastor who would write pastoral responses to his friends and people who needed help. (This was a gift from my dear friend Reggie)

In letter XLII, Rutherford writes to Lady Kenmure, a woman who has experienced the grief of children who have died young, saying, “God taketh nothing from you but that which He is to supply with His own presence.”

In other words,

What God takes from you He supplies with His very own Presence.*

Here it was just earlier this morning, I was reflecting that I’ve so enjoyed God’s presence in a deeper way during this period of Baby O, with thousands praying for us literally across the world. I’ve seen God’s favor on us. His Spirit encouraging us daily. And I was afraid, “When Baby O passes away soon, what will happen to the favor of God that we’re experiencing because people are actively praying for us now? What happens if and when the multitudes don’t pray for us anymore?” Selfish, I know. Silly, I know.

And yet God reminded me today that His very presence is with those who’ve experienced the deep trials that remove other sources of happiness.

The joy of the Lord will be our strength.

Having lost Alex and soon Baby O, God’s presence will be even greater within me. Within Mary. And soon within Chloe and Grayson.

What a silly notion to think that God’s presence and favor would leave.

Trust in Jesus, because God is good.




*Side note: God didn’t take Alex, nor will He take Baby O. The problem that they had is a result of Sin in the world, that the world is broken. But with every loss we experience, know that the presence of God be even greater.


3 thoughts on “A Silly Little Notion

  1. Sally Clarkson says, “We live in a fallen world.” She says this often when discussing life’s hardships, broken relationships, disease, death…the list goes on. We are following God and, yet, bad things happen to our families and in this world. Praise God he is with us as we walk along side of Him as He works in the world around us. He is always there. He is always working. He always loves us.
    May God constantly remind you of TRUTH as Satan tries to fill your mind with worry and questions of Gods faithfulness and love for you and your family.

  2. Hi James, Keep the faith God is there all the time God is good all the time, all the time God is good
    Love you all as part of my Christian family. God Bless

    Your Brother in Christ, Tommy

    Keeping you, Mary and the family with prayer never ceasing.

  3. James we always praise God and have faith in him through the good times. That part is easy. Praising him through the rough times is a true test of our faith. If we can remain true and keep our faith through everything, good or bad, then we will always enjoy his presence. See God never leaves us, nor forsakes us. We just have to be reminded of that every so often. Don’t worry, God has you all wrapped in his loving arms.

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