It Is Well Because God Is Good

The night before we go to lay another son to rest, I’m writing the funeral message and this gentle thought keeps lingering:

It is well because God is good. 

I don’t think I ever updated you about Mary’s Christmas present:

On Christmas Eve I received an email saying that a shipment from Magnolia Market was coming that day! It was her “It Is Well” shiplap sign. Sam and the fine folks at Magnolia surprised us with a Christmas miracle. 

Needless to say, that phrase has stuck with us through this tumultuous journey: It Is Well. 

Our hearts hurt. We get headaches from crying. Chloe has prayed over Mary multiple times. And my brain doesn’t make connections as easily as, well, I guess that’s normal. 

But it is well with our souls because we know that God is good. 

Now, more so than ever. 

After Saturday, February 25, 2017, we will have buried two sons and a mother-in-law. And yet we rest under the shadow of the wings of the Most High God. 

What are you waiting for? Trust Jesus. Trust Jesus today, and taste and see that the Lord is good. 

Don’t blame your lack of trust in Jesus on some painful circumstance, or a religious nut that left a bad impression, or a bad church experience, or your culture around you. Those are copout reasons that will rob you of peace. 

Trust in Jesus. 

And say, It is well Because God is good. 


3 thoughts on “It Is Well Because God Is Good

  1. i am sorry for the pain you will endure. but day by day at the time it will lessen, Mom died in 98, still almost can hear her voice, for sure her laughter.. Loosing a baby, you are stronger than I. I never lost a child , don’t want to find out either. But a baby. God’s property, you got to enjoy him for a few minutes, and he went back to the Lord.
    I can tell you a story from when Andrew was little 5/6 and he asked, after we talked about an event. “where was I, why don’t i remember” and as easy as pie he said” oh i was still (pointing up) up there.. so yes, He Oliver is safe in the arms of Jesus…

  2. Amen James. Oliver, Alex and Mary’s mom are forever safe and loved. We pray for those left here for now and for the heartache that is to be endured

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