Because we choose life 

Today makes 10 years when God blessed us with our first child Alex. I cannot believe it’s been TEN years! God led us on a journey 10 years ago that has paved the way for us to tell our story. Little did we know what we would be in for on this journey. 
When we were 18 weeks along the doctor told us Alex would not make it after birth. We went from doctor to doctor all telling us the same thing. We actually had doctors try and get us to terminate the pregnancy. Our response was always, “As long as the baby has a heart beat, we won’t give up and miss the chance to see God work.”  

10 years later we were faced with the same situation. We were faced with going full term in our pregnancy knowing that our baby would not make it. 

I have had many people ask me why go through this for 8+ months. Justifying that it’s ok to do what I need to do. 

Justifying to us, “It’s ok to terminate.”

So why did we choose not to terminate?

Why did we choose to continue the grueling pregnancy?

Because we choose life. 

We choose for God to work in any way He sees fit. 

Does it hurt? Yes. I’m planning a funeral instead of decorating a nursery. But we still choose life. God doesn’t tell us this life will be easy. But He does promise life. A life that isn’t sick. Isn’t sad. A perfect life. 

So while I remember today my sweet Alex’s glory day, I am dreaming of what these past 10 years have been like in this perfect place. 

Psalm 139:13

You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother’s womb.


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